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Life Hack: Books

I absolutely love owning things: from designer bags to extracted molars. All types of things. They can be gifted, inherited, or bought. I only keep things that bring me joy though, in case St. Marie Kondo sees this post. Maybe that’s why I love books or the mere act of buying and owning books. It’s […]


Statistically speaking, regression does not justify causation. It does, however, prove correlation. But this is not a statistical lesson. I just want to define it that way to cater to my own inclination towards the field. The regression I want to talk about is literally regressing or going back to a previous state. I did […]


Starting off from the foot of my bed Crawling up to my face With a grin that can match stars I echoed your lust you penetrated my sorrow and it cried as your body enveloped mine I close my eyes once more and find you sitting and grinning Again, the universe align Eyes that smile […]

Hospital Bed

We spend another night At the comma bed as he Drove me to calmness And took away my transgressions I combat in level-headed feat And struggle but my eyes Would quarrel with my teeth I gnash and blink Somewhere between The fitted sheets and sturdy beds Comes plastic full of specimens Of my own aversion […]

The Sow She Ate

Anger, money and food Melting cheek candles Possible conundrum Space ships sleek black Berry sea waste crack Harmony seen some blue Capers, Jesus, nincompoop Summer atheist callabast Shaken Libra asshat Mow car leather mill Suck lied ending gin My oasis mitosis cousin Sea salt sand bird bling May A babe sing love? Shed read in […]

Imposter Syndrome

I’ve been in the research industry for– maybe over 5 years now, that’s already minus my shtick in journalism. In those five years, I’ve done lots, from house-to-house interviews with Overseas Filipino Workers to coding survey questionnaires used by international companies to find out whether or not their employees are happy enough to stay. Investigatory […]

Rain On Me (not a Lady Gaga reference)

It was a rainy afternoon when I wrote this, what I now will call a paradox or maybe a cliche perhaps. Although it’s raining, I can feel sweat building up underneath my breasts, just like how the rain is puddling up on top of my aunt’s car cover. It is wet, and it’s not quiet. […]

From One week to Six years

I finally got the tooth out. Nobody knows how much pain and suffering this tooth has given me better than myself. It’s like every time I had a medical exam I’d get this notice from the examiner about my broken tooth. As if I don’t know. Here’s a short background: 2014 I went to the […]

Friends: Part 2

They’s non-binary, I could tell by the way they speaks about themself. Thinks they’s human sometimes, other times a variety of other ground– crawling creature. I think they just means they have multiple personalities which for me is a super power. Then there’s Lou, he’s ok. He just eats my hair sometimes. I grab him […]