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The stairs are dark It takes time for each step Flattening my feet on the wooden staircase Each second, each step awakens me Life washes over me, creeping underneath my skin From the blindness I’m awakened by fear Fear of what I don’t see I just want these thoughts tangible – The need for pleasure; […]

More than words

Hindi natin kailangang Banggitin ang salitang ‘mahal kita’.‘Pagkat sasayaw tayo sa saliw Ng hirap at ginhawaSa hangin, tayo’y lilipad– Kakanta Pakikilala natin ang isa’t isa sa mga mukhang hindi natin kilala Lahat ng makakaalala Mabibigyan ng pabuya ng ngitiMagbabago ang awitBabagal sa ating sambitMagsasabit ng mga kulay na ginto at putiAawitan kita at silaAt walang […]


Adlaw-adlaw ginapaminsar ko Kung ngaa ginapalangga ta ka, Indi ka man gwapo, indi ka man manggaranon Sabtang indi na naton dapat Ginapamangkot ina, mapuli ako Sa imo, Ikaw ang ginpili ko sa tanan, ikaw ang akon puli-an

Where to begin…

My aunt died last July 3rd. She was like a mother to me as most people who knew me would know. I even decided I loved her more than my biological parents. Yes, both parents. Why am I writing this three months after she died, in the middle of the night as I’m trying to […]


I told you I was having a hard time writing about you. “Don’t write about me specifically”, you said. “Write about your experiences with me– what I made you feel–stuff like that.” You dozed off again. Closed eyes and smirking as if he’d said the smartest damn thing. So I painted about you. Although this […]

Short and Sweet

Some have left and some just arrivedOn their own or by my spiteAnd though I walk forward with those who stayOne person will never walk awayI’m keeping myself, I will thrive Circa 2017

Nakalimutan na kita

Dami ng ginagawang awitin Sinusulat na panukala Bukas ang ilaw ng kayamanan May pabitin sa kisame at sa kamay Dating pulseras ng dugo ngayon Ay pulseras na ng tagumpay ngunit Hindi puno ang pagkagalak May tila kulang sa aking mga daliri Nangunguminting, nangangating Magkalikot muli ng mga parirala Naagnas na ang mga salita Naiwan muli […]

Life Hack: Books

I absolutely love owning things: from designer bags to extracted molars. All types of things. They can be gifted, inherited, or bought. I only keep things that bring me joy though, in case St. Marie Kondo sees this post. Maybe that’s why I love books or the mere act of buying and owning books. It’s […]


In statistics, we say ‘regression does not equal causation’. Causation deals more with impact while regression defines the volume or density of the impact. That means it can prove correlation i.e. the movement of directly related variables. This isn’t an intro to the course or anything similar to that though. I just want to readily […]


Starting off from the foot of my bed Crawling up to my face With a grin that can match stars I echoed your lust you penetrated my sorrow and it cried as your body enveloped mine I close my eyes once more and find you sitting and grinning Again, the universe align Eyes that smile […]

Hospital Bed

We spend another night At the comma bed as he Drove me to calmness And took away my transgressions I combat in level-headed feat And struggle but my eyes Would quarrel with my teeth I gnash and blink Somewhere between The fitted sheets and sturdy beds Comes plastic full of specimens Of my own aversion […]

The Sow She Ate

Anger, money and food Melting cheek candles Possible conundrum Space ships sleek black Berry sea waste crack Harmony seen some blue Capers, Jesus, nincompoop Summer atheist callabast Shaken Libra asshat Mow car leather mill Suck lied ending gin My oasis mitosis cousin Sea salt sand bird bling May A babe sing love? Shed read in […]