Starting off from the foot of my bed

Crawling up to my face

With a grin that can match stars

I echoed your lust

you penetrated my sorrow

and it cried as your body enveloped mine

I close my eyes once more

and find you sitting and grinning

Again, the universe align

Eyes that smile with teeth

Flavors of wine and ecstasy

in every kiss, in every circle

Your fingers make on my tips

Embellished with sweat

As I meet my doom

As the song ends

The sun draw my eyes back

It’s a sweet mourning

Another you-less day

By juma.ine

I am 27 and have been writing leisurely since I was seven. My first short story was about a man who had the worst luck in the universe. I hope to continue writing and I hope this won't be another one of those blogging and getting bored eventually. By 29, I'm hoping to have written a novel.

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